Three Spooky Crafts to get you into the Halloween Spirit!

I don’t know why, but fall is my absolute favorite season for crafting! There is something about the seasons changing and temps dropping that makes being indoors working on a cute project sound so fun. Part of it has to be that during summer all we really want is to be outside (especially boating!) enjoying the sunshine… here in the Northwest a hot, sunny day is a commodity!

The other contributing factor that makes fall crafting fun is the mixture of mediums – there are pumpkins, leaves, and especially all the creative things you can do with baking! The colors are bold and there are so many different ways you can interpret fall and/or Halloween in what you are making.

To get you inspired, I put together a post of my three favorite crafts I have made over the years to get your creative brain thinking about fun projects you can put together this Halloween season. Are you ready!?

Okay let’s start with an easy one – this Halloween Haunted Cookie House!

We always make gingerbread houses in the winter and have them up as Christmas decor, but who says you can’t do the same with a Halloween twist? This is an easy craft because it comes in a kit. I have seen the kits anywhere from Target, Williams Sonoma, and even this one that I found on Amazon. Around Halloween I feel that everyone’s house has candy galore, so it is easy to grab some extra accents to decorate with sweets you already have on hand.

The haunted house kit comes with everything you need! This one was 1/2 me, 1/2 my 3-year-old, but I think it turned out pretty cute! What do you think?



My daughter and I made this masterpiece of a haunted Halloween gingerbread house! We had so much fun!

Look at this super kit – on Amazon w/free Prime Shipping!
Hyde & EEK Moonlit Cottage Chocolate Cookie House Kit! Halloween Chocolate Cookie House! Pre-Baked And Easy To Assemble! Halloween House For Kids To Enjoy Decorating Their Own!



Okay on to #2! This is one of my favorite in regards to how fun it turned out. Not only did I decide to paint sugar skull pumpkins, but I painted a sugar skull PUMPKIN FAMILY!

Halloween sugarskull pumpkin 9

This one is a lot more time intensive since I painted with acrylic paint which takes a little while to dry. The technique would be to first sketch your outline with a sharpie, paint the white base, then the detail and end with the outline.

If you click here you can find my whole tutorial on making them! They were so fun and I love how we incorporated the whole family into the idea, with there even being a baby and a dog so everyone in the household was included.


Halloween sugarskull pumpkin 11


To the left is a great set of paints to get you started. Super affordable kit for how much is included! 

Apple Barrel PROMOABI, Assorted Colors 1

Lastly, I leave you with my black velvet mummy cupcakes!


I totally think that food counts as decor especially because you likely aren’t going to eat ALL the cupcakes right away, so you can enjoy looking at them in a covered cake dish or similar display. I love using food to decorate with because it is an awesome way to decorate with less waste – I mean, as long as you eat them all, right?

Here is the link to my recipe in an earlier post.

The kids had a blast making them and thought it was so fun eating the ‘mummies’ they made. Plus with my Wilton food coloring I was able to make a really dark Black Velvet recipe, which was so holiday appropriate.


I live by this color kit – you can pretty much mix anything with them! They turn out super bright with limited use too. 
Wilton Color Right Performance Food Coloring Set, Achieve Consistent Colors for Icing, Fondant and Cake Batter, 8-Base Colors

One last note about all three of these crafts – when you are done enjoying them, it is important to the environment that you COMPOST them, versus tossing them in the trash. Gingerbread, pumpkins, and baked goods in general break down very easily in the compost where mixed with trash are unnecessary filler in the landfill.

So, what fall crafts do you have planned? Do you decorate more for fall as a season, or for Halloween? I would love to see your ideas!

X.O. – Abbey Co.

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