Seattle Restaurant Week is Here! April 2nd-6th, 9th-13th

It is time for Seattle Restaurant Week Again! SRW is one of my favorite Seattle area events because it encourages trying something new! Here is a list of my Seattle Restaurant Week Best Values, and favorite places I suggest you try!

My Foodie TV Show Obsession – Chef’s Table (A Netflix Original Series)

When it comes to finding good TV shows to watch, I am largely a skeptic and don't try new things often enough. I am typically the last one to the game when it comes to a trendy show... I didn't start watching Breaking Bad until the show was entirely over if that tells you anything. I …

Beardsley Public House

  If you have read a few of my previous posts, you should be getting the feeling that leaving downtown Seattle was a HUGE deal for us. One of the biggest deals for me was leaving such a unique foodie scene. We ate out several times a week and were SUPER spoiled being a block …

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