First Blog Post!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I have wanted to try blogging for years now and have finally decided to make the commitment. I’m not really sure how to kick off a blog, so I figure I would just write a little get to know me post, and if you choose to bear with me, I promise what I share will get much more interesting after this post – haha!

There are a lot of things I plan to share and write about that are tied to my personality and my life.

Firstly, my hubby and I are immense foodies. We love experimenting with food, learning new recipes, and feel that food is an experience! We find lots of comfort in a good meal and our favorite date night will always be a 9-course French meal with wine parings (we miss you Rover’s, by the way). Get ready for a recipe influx and recommendations on hundreds of restaurants, because they are coming!!

I am also a New York State transplant to Seattle, and absolutely love it here. I have been in the PNW for about 13 years (I think, I’m terrible at math), and am enamored with this little nest west of the mountains. The green pine trees, tall mountains in the distance, and lakes and ocean everywhere the sights have had me from day one. After about a decade I felt like I really had settled in and also know all the little hidden gems of things to do and enjoy that I want to share with you. An incredible opportunity presented itself to me four years ago working for a boat/yacht dealership on Lake Union and it opened my eyes even more to all the fun things to do that are right underneath our fingertips! My job has been an adventure, and I love how it gives me the opportunity to be out on the water in the sun with a fresh breeze instead of locked in an office on a sunny day.

Being the daughter of two artists, I have always had great interest in design, art, crafting, and self-expression. These days I find myself more often than not doing DIY decorations and art projects with my toddler, but though they are basic they are fun and therapeutic and something I immensely enjoy. The holidays are big for us, especially now that we have a daughter to share them with, so we are always decorating and crafting! Hubby and I are the champions of DIY costumes and painted Halloween pumpkins 🙂

Lastly, and my actual main reason for starting this blog was the birth of my daughter. Becoming a mom was the most amazing experience I have ever been through, to the point that I even have a hard time explaining what it feels like. The best way I could think of that I described to my husband, was how in the Grinch Stole Christmas his heart grows so full that it actually bursts out of his chest. That’s how it felt holding my daughter for the first time and the feeling gets stronger every day. The double-edged sword that came with this for me was overwhelming postpartum depression and anxiety, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I think it came about from caring so much, wanting to give her everything and do everything perfect for her to the point that anxiety overcame me and I couldn’t manage it anymore. I have been finding ways to manage my anxiety, and small outlets like this here and there are helping greatly. It is my hope to share stories and support that other mom’s can find solace in, because we all know it is the most wonderfully hard job you will ever have!

So in short, my ideas are eclectic and my interests are many. If you have something in common with a foodie / wineo / Seattlite / PNW adventurer / travel lover / crafter / artist / holiday lover / recipe inventor / boater / mommy / wifey / fashionista / animal lover /  snowboarder / sports lover / (that’s all I have for now, haha) then we will have a lot of fun together! Apologies in advance as I figure out pages and formatting and all that good stuff since I am super green.

Photo cred to our amazing family photographer, Ashley Mae Scott Photography


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  1. Thanks for following me! I’m excited to see what’s to come on your blog! I’m an upstate new yorker myself, currently transplanted in Burlington, VT. However, I will be headed back to Upstate very soon

    1. Of course! I love finding fun new blogs to follow on here 🙂 That is fun that we are both from Upstate! I try to go back and visit at least once or twice a year.

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