My Favorite Christmas Movie (Day 7 of my 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge)

Christmas time is all about tradition - is it odd to say that watching Christmas movies together as a family is a tradition of ours? I have different ones for different occasions, and here are my three all-time favorites. 🙂


How is your House Decorated for Christmas? (Day 6 of my 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge)

There are so many different ways to decorate your home for Christmas, and none of them are wrong! I love the traditional look of bright reds and green, as you can tell. What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations in your house?

Leavenworth, WA – Favorite Holiday Destination (Day 5 of my 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge)

On the 5th day of my Christmas blog theme, I bring you my favorite Christmas destination; Leavenworth Washington! Leavenworth is a small Bavarian town that has wonderful food and fun activities, especially around the Christmas holiday!

November Monthly Recap & 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge!

November was a whirlwind for us, which is a little sad for me as it is a month I like to slow down for and enjoy. That being said, I am thrilled December is here, as Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year! I have tons of fun posts coming up, in addition to a 12 Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge I created! Anyone who wants to participate is welcome 🙂

Giving Back Day 2- The Environment

It has been a huge goal of mine to work on reducing waste in our household this year, and to live a 'green-er' lifestyle! I have found it extremely difficult as a family of three to not put out lots of waste, but these tricks are easy things we have started doing to help reduce the number of items we throw in the trash. Is there anything your family does too?